Hospital Blankets


Antiallergic tissue, provides excellent thermal comfort, maximum durability and differentiated look.

Own manufacturing with ultra modern textile technology, ecologically sustainable fabrics, both in design and maintenance.

Product´s characteristics

  • EXCLUSIVE Product developed by Casa Menta;
  • Modern textile technology: ecologically sustainable tissues, both in design and maintenance;
  • Light and ultra-resistant material: reduction of the cost of washing and hygiene;
  • Provides excellent thermal comfort, maximum durability and differentiated look;
  • Tested and approved after 220 washings in industrial laundries of different hospitals, clinics and maternities around the world;
  • Manufactured through the recycling of PET bottles, can be reused at the end of its useful life;
  • Thermal characteristics: made of the same material used in winter sportswear.
  • Can be customized in different colors and sizes.
  • Extremely comfortable and velvety touch;
  • Provides more wash savings because of its low specific weight;
  • Anti-Pilling Treatment (does not make balls) and Anti-Flame (does
    not spread flames)
  • Anti-allergic material;
  • Does not release pigment in the wash that can stain other tissues;
  • Resistant to shrinkage, in the ideal conditions for washing;
  • Shipped with label with date of manufacture